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Upgrade Your Event With a Luxury Restroom Trailer

Libby Queguiner

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When planning a wedding or large event, there are many details to consider, and one of the most important is providing adequate restroom facilities for your guests. While it may be tempting to rely on the venue's existing restrooms or portable toilets, renting a restroom trailer can offer several benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. Have you ever tried to navigate spanks in 90 degree heat in a porta-potty? Trust us, your guests will thank you!

First and foremost, restroom trailers provide a more comfortable and luxurious experience for your guests. Unlike traditional portable toilets, restroom trailers are equipped with amenities such as running water, flushing toilets, and climate control. This can make a big difference in the overall experience for your guests, especially if your event is taking place during hot or cold weather.

In addition to providing a more comfortable experience, restroom trailers also offer more privacy and security for your guests. With individual stalls and locking doors, guests can feel more at ease using the facilities, which can be especially important for events with a large number of attendees.

Another benefit of renting a restroom trailer is that it can help to alleviate long lines and wait times for the restroom. With multiple stalls and sinks, guests can quickly and efficiently use the facilities, which can help to keep the event running smoothly and on schedule.

Finally, renting a restroom trailer can also help to ensure that your event is more environmentally friendly. Many restroom trailers are equipped with water-saving features and eco-friendly products, which can help to reduce your event's overall environmental impact.

Overall, renting a restroom trailer for your wedding or large event can offer many benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. From providing a more comfortable and luxurious experience for your guests to helping to keep the event running smoothly, a restroom trailer can be a valuable addition to any event planning checklist.

If you are planning your dream Adirondack or Vermont rustic wedding, consider adding a restroom trailer to your must-haves!

How do I reserve a restroom trailer? 

  1. Head over to our rental storefront - linked below
  2. Select the restroom trailer you are interested in
  3. Fill in the checkout information
  4. An Events Coordinator will contact you with availability and a quote
  5. Fill out the requested paperwork and pay the deposit and you're all set!

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